Assists companies in developing analyses, solutions, and tools to enhance their business processes, offering stable, flexible, and scalable solutions


Dashboard  Development

Generate insights from data with BI tools such as PowerBI, Looker Studio, Qlick and Spotfire

Data Lineage

Simplify understanding of the data lifecycle by mapping it through a lineage derived from SQL analysis

Data Integration & Migration

Define data pipelines, ETL processes, and data ingestion from different tools & systems

Data Quality Solutions

Automatically monitor your data and KPIs to react promptly, thanks to a fully customisable alerting system

APIs development

Enable integration between services via custom REST-API

A/B Testing

Process & Analysis framework to optimise the user experience in a data-driven way

Google Analytics

Developments of custom dashbaord based on GA data and advanced analytics via BigQuery export

Web Data Acquisition

Automatic websites data acquisition and application of text analysis to enable data analytics from open data

Spatial Statistical Analysis

Application of statistical models for spatially correlated data


Google Cloud Platform

Support day-by-day activities from development to deployment with Compute engine, BigQuery, Cloud Run


Containerise applications and simplify deployment into a modern cloud platform environment 

R Statistical Software

For prototype applications creation and statistical analysis


For FastAPI integrations, machine learning models